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Like many of you, I suffer from information overload. I have a hard enough time keeping up with email, let alone the increasing volume of news and blogs. During the last 6 months, I have been experimenting with a number of RSS readers to aggregate my news. Some of the products include client software like Amphetadesk, FeedDemon, and Newsgator. FeedDemon was a nice product and was quite easy to use. Newsgator integrates with Outlook which on the surface sounds great but it ends up creating more email for you to review on a daily basis. The problem with the software downloads is that if you have multiple machines or travel frequently, you may not be able to access your daily reading. Lately I have used Bloglines and love it. It is web-based so I can access my information from any browser, it is free, has a great UI, makes recommendations based on my current feeds, alerts you when feeds are updated, and even allows me to add email subscriptions. With the email subscription feature, Bloglines gives you a one-time email address to subscribe to sites that do not offer RSS feeds while at the same time reducing your daily volume of email. It is great to see how many sites are offering RSS, and that we are all getting closer to the vision of having our own personalized newspaper. Even Yahoo has recognized this as it has been working to integrate external RSS feeds with MyYahoo.

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  1. been trying Bloglines upon your recommendation and have to say that I do like it, unfortunately this morning (9:12am pacific, 1/19/04) it seems to have suffered a failure..

    another web based aggregator I’ve come upon is and their “my feedster” web based aggregator, just an idea if I can ever get back into bloglines and export an OPML file, I’m there

  2. I really like how the Headlines module can detach. I use that module as an active desktop item. Is there a url I can go to in a similar way to just see the rss module?

  3. Check out Pluck — a great in browser RSS feed aggregator.

    Look for some coming cool features like RSS feeds on custom Google searches (stay up to date on any search criteria you like).

  4. My personal favorite is Waggr (WebAggregator) –

    It looks just like a regular desktop aggregator, but it is web based. Very QUICK interface, and very easy to use. I much prefer Waggr’s layout to bloglines.

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