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A number of my readers alerted me to the fact that Fast Company has a survey on the best VC blogs.  Considering that VCs can be quite competitive and my cohorts Brad and Jeff are already stuffing the ballot box, please take a moment and cast your vote for me.  All kidding aside, since this is not a zero-sum game and if you haven’t already, I suggest getting to know some of the other VC blogs that I enjoy reading.  These include Jeff Nolan, Fred Wilson, Brad Feld, Steve Hall, Steve Brotman, and Ventureblog.  I enjoy participating in the conversation with these guys and I expect to see many more VCs join the ranks helping make our industry more transparent and less mysterious.  Educating entrepreneurs, sharing ideas, learning about the next hot technologies, and meeting other plugged-in people make this an enjoyable and rewarding pastime.  Thanks for the support and keep voting.

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  1. I would like some comments on a situation. My husband developed a medical device which has a strong patent position in a large market. The product had excellent results in the clinical trials. When he started out he did not want to be the CEO he wanted to concentrate on the science. He hired a CEO who raised a portion of the money from angel investors the CEO could not do the job and eventually the investors lost faith in the CEO and the management team. the management team was let go. They are raising money now to make a commercialized verizon of the product but this round was a crammed down round and we lost almost all our equity do we have any recourse and do just walk away? We spent 4 years of our lives in this venture and 1/4 million dollars it will be hard to walk away from a technically successful venture

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