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Cisco raises another $4b in cash and looking for acquisitions

Ashlee Vance from the Bits Blog has a nice piece on why Cisco raised another $4b of cash through a debt offering yesterday even though they have $30b in cash.  "As word of Cisco‚Äôs debt sale hit Wall Street, the standard chatter surrounding possible targets began anew. As usual, companies like EMC, NetApp, Sun Microsystems, […]

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Top tech M&A advisors for 2007

I just got the 451 Group’s summary on the top M&A bankers for 2007.  As with 2006, Goldman Sachs was #1 on the list.  Take a look: Top five overall advisers, 2007                          Adviser Deal value Deal volume 2006 ranking Goldman Sachs $79bn 43 1 Credit […]

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Is the bar lower for a tech IPO?

I am not sure if you saw the news, but recently filed for an IPO to raise up to $50 million. On the book is Thomas Weisel Partners, William Blair, Needham, Pacific Crest, and Wachovia. According to the S-1 is a leading provider of on-demand compensation management solutions. Our comprehensive on-demand software applications […]

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Why cash is king

Oftentimes I am asked what my plan for exit is when I invest in a company.  Sure I have a plan when I invest, but it is impossible to predict the future.  The best plan in my mind is to make sure that any company we invest in has a tremendous market opportunity with a […]

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Google – look at the bigger picture

As we all know, Google got whacked because it missed Wall Street’s projections.  Sure, investor expectations are quite high for Google especially when they are paying 90x earnings.  However, the reality is that the company is still performing quite well.  From my perspective, when investors pay such high multiples for these companies, the inevitable correction […]

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What does Sarbanes-Oxley have to do with donuts?

I had lunch with a friend of mine yesterday who is an officer with a public technology company.  As we started discussing his business, one of the topics of conversation was Sarbanes Oxley.  His company just went through an expensive Sarbox audit to get into compliance and while his company passed with flying colors on […]

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Cisco, a value play?

I was reading Barron’s this morning and came across an article (sorry-need subscription for this) claiming Cisco’s potential appeal as a value stock.  It is hard to believe that this high flying company which once was the largest market cap company at $600b is now potentially a great value play.  The hot growth sector these […]

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Consumer growth and globalization

I was catching up on my Barron’s this week and a quote from Ajay Kapur of Citigroup caught my attention.  When discussing his macro investment themes Ajay said, "The world is driven by Asian exporters and U.S. consumers.  In the future, it will be Asian consumers and U.S. exporters."  Given that perspective, it is no […]

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Subscription accounting

Ok, now for some boring accounting stuff. Red Hat (RHAT) recently restated its financials. Its auditor, PWC, suggested that it change its revenue recognition policy. According to a CBS Marketwatch article: Under the accounting method used in the past, the company would recognize a full month’s revenue from a subscription agreement, even if a deal […]

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Jamdat Mobile files for IPO

Russell Beattie has a thorough post on Jamdat Mobile’s IPO filing. This is significant because this is the first so-called “wireless application” play to hit the market. For those of you that don’t know, Jamdat is a provider of global wireless entertainment applications and enabling technologies that support multiple wireless platforms to wireless carriers, handset […]

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