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And if you thought getting into Harvard was hard…

And if you thought getting into Harvard was hard…

How about getting a QA job in Bangalore?  Take a look at this line on a Saturday afternoon.  There are over 1000 people in front of Xora’s (a fund investment) office.  Sanjay Shirole, CEO of Xora, definitely runs a hot company in the wireless GPS space, but when I saw this picture I couldn’t have […]

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The next tech powerhouse?

In a recent Barron’s article on Cisco titled "Getting the World WIred (sorry, sub required)" is an interesting comment from CEO John Chambers:While these new technologies are giving Cisco’s current customers reason to upgrade, Cisco also is seeing growth of nearly 50% a year in its sale of networking systems in emerging markets like Saudi […]

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Globalization and the world economy

Globalization and the world economy

I remember 2 years ago the brouhaha over globalization and how every startup needed to adapt or it would die.  I truly am a fervent believer in globalization and how offshoring some development work can make a ton of sense from a cost and time advantage (24×7).  As I look across our portfolio, what is […]

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Successful offshore practices – let them work on your crown jewels!

The buzz around offshoring has certainly died down over the last year.  For a period of time, you could not pick up a magazine or read a newspaper without a lead article on the dangers of offshoring.  I had dinner tonight with a portfolio company CEO who has managed to shift most of his resources […]

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Venture capital in China

I recently caught up with my friend Derek Sulger, founder of Linktone (Nasdaq: LTON) and current founder and CFO of Smartpay, a Paypal-like play in China (I really like what Derek is doing with this one-no credit in China, use the mobile phones for debiting from bank accounts).  Derek and I are college friends and […]

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Moving up the food chain

Normally I do not read too much into press releases on industry hires but I found this one interesting on many levels. Intel, a tremendous brand in its own right, hired a marketing executive from Samsung, a Korean company. Most people assume that the US’ competitive advantage over the rest of the world lies in […]

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Global expansion

We are truly living in a global world these days. Many startups I meet with today are either taking advantage of offshore development or have pushed up plans to expand sales internationally. Given the broader scope of this trend, I have changed the category name Offshore Resources to represent a broader theme, Globalization. While taking […]

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The increased cost of offshore development in India

In our weekly partner’s meeting yesterday, we ended up in a discussion about the progression of offshore development in a variety of portfolio companies. In the end, the companies that were doing the best job with development were the ones that had their own operations offshore. While a couple of our companies chose to use […]

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The Globalization of Education

Jerry Colonna and I had an interesting dialogue on the topic of utilizing offshore resources. In the end, Jerry and I advocated that education is the key to long-term success for the US. Offshoring of jobs will continue to happen, and it makes sense economically. However, in order to maintain our lead in the US, […]

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Lunch with Pat Cox-thoughts on offshoring

On Wednesday, I had the pleasure of attending a small group lunch in honor of Pat Cox, President of the EU Parliament. It was quite a treat as I got to hear his viewpoint on Spain, terrorism, immigration, and offshoring amongst other things. Since I tend not to write about politics, I thought I would […]

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