And if you thought getting into Harvard was hard…

Abcd0008_5 How about getting a QA job in Bangalore?  Take a look at this line on a Saturday afternoon.  There are over 1000 people in front of Xora’s (a fund investment) office.  Sanjay Shirole, CEO of Xora, definitely runs a hot company in the wireless GPS space, but when I saw this picture I couldn’t have imagined that the people had come to do walk-in interviews for a couple of QA positions and not for autographs. Not only is it incredibly competitive and tough to get a job in India as there are lots of candidates, but Sanjay pointed out the tremendous strain it puts on Xora to find and qualify the right person.  By the way, Xora did end up finding a couple of strong candidates from the crowd so it was well worth the effort.  Hat tip to Sanjay and my partner Ned Carlson for sharing this with me.

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