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Congrats to Fotolog on $90mm sale to Hi-Media

Congratulations to Fotolog for their pending sale to French company Hi-Media for $90mm. This is a great event for the company as John Borthwick, current CEO, helped stabilize the infrastructure and prepare the company for further growth. It was John who also first introduced me to the company in July of 2004 when I decided […]

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Skype down…try Gizmo Project

I am sure there are alot of you who are frustrated Skype users since the service has been done over 24 hours. To be fair, the company has done a great job leading the marketplace with user signup and an incredible job with uptime of its network. Yes, this has been a pretty huge outage […]

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The GPhone

As I have said before, Nokia’s biggest competitor in the future may be Google.  If Nokia doesn’t offer value added services and software on its phones, Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft will.  In a world of shrinking margins on handset hardware sales, finding every valuable cent per user per ad or selling services for monthyl revenue […]

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Club Penguin and Mickey Mouse

I wrote about Club Penguin a few times in the past (here and here) and it looks like Mike Montgomery at Montgomery and Co was able to find an even better buyer than Sony, DIsney for $350mm in cash and potentially $350mm more in an earnout (see Paidcontent for more).  That is pretty impressive for […]

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And if you thought getting into Harvard was hard…

And if you thought getting into Harvard was hard…

How about getting a QA job in Bangalore?  Take a look at this line on a Saturday afternoon.  There are over 1000 people in front of Xora’s (a fund investment) office.  Sanjay Shirole, CEO of Xora, definitely runs a hot company in the wireless GPS space, but when I saw this picture I couldn’t have […]

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