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What kind of customer do you have?

I was in two board meetings recently, and I was shocked at myself when I seemingly gave contradictory advice to two companies.  On the one hand, I told the first company to do whatever it takes to land that big account for the quarter, and on the other hand, I told the second company to […]

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LinkedIn and Facebook on collision course?

I signed up for LinkedIn in mid-2003, and since then I have not been very active on the service other than accepting invites as they came to my inbox.  Over the last couple of weeks, I have noticed a significant increase in the number of requests from friends and colleagues and interestingly most of them […]

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Don't forget to look at venture debt when raising a new round

We all know the story – it is incredibly cheaper to start a web-based business versus 5 years ago with the rise of open source software and commodity servers.  However, while getting started with thousands of users is cheap, scaling to significant numbers will require some dollars.  The good news for you and for venture […]

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