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Bringing the Valley to New York

There are many things that I am thankful for this year, but one of the best things that could happen to the New York tech scene is the growth of Google.  Last year Google opened a huge office in Chelsea and moved about 500 employees into the new location.  While I initially thought that most […]

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Small business startup kit for 2007 – mostly free!

A friend of mine called me the other day to ask for advice on what services (email, voice, apps) he should use to run his business with the caveat being that he wanted to spend as little upfront capital as possible and also have minimal ongoing maintenance headaches.  As I started thinking about his question, […]

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The future of television advertising (continued)

In my last post on television advertising, I mentioned that while video advertising on the web will grow rapidly over the next few years, the $60 billion currently spent on television advertising per year will not go away overnight.  What is needed for the industry is a way to make television commercials more relevant, targeted, […]

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The similarities between venture capitalists and social workers

I had an interesting call this morning with an entrepreneur who had been up until the wee hours of the morning reviewing legal documents for a big strategic partnership.   He apologized about his state of mind which wasn’t exactly calm and cool, and we proceeded to discuss the issues and parse out the major ones […]

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Set my music free – thank you EMI

Thank you EMI for releasing music singles without any DRM protection on it.  While I continue my love/hate relationship with the IPod, I do believe that my music needs to be portable and free. I recently bought the new Treo 680 for my wife and was in the process of loading music on her device […]

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Setting unattainable goals can hurt your company

It is near the end of the year and I would hope by now that most companies have been through a revision or two of their strategic plan and budget for 2007.  While strategic planning and budgeting is a task that some may find quite onerous or even useless, it is an imperative process and […]

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