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Citrix Online – a SAAS powerhouse

Everyone knows that hindsight is 20/20.  Back in 2003 when we were deciding whether or not to sell Expertcity (GoToMyPC and GoToMeeting) to Citrix or continue fighting the fight and attempt to take the company public 1 year later, it was quite a gut-wrenching decision.  Ultimately we decided that the risk/reward ratio to sell at […]

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Why cash is king

Oftentimes I am asked what my plan for exit is when I invest in a company.  Sure I have a plan when I invest, but it is impossible to predict the future.  The best plan in my mind is to make sure that any company we invest in has a tremendous market opportunity with a […]

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The myth of the Rock Star CEO

Attraction to fame is part of our culture.  There are dozens of magazines, tv shows, and websites devoted too all things celebrity.  This attraction to fame also extends to the business and tech world as well – bringing a household name to your company can instantly elevate the perceived status of your business.  All that […]

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