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Successful offshore practices – let them work on your crown jewels!

The buzz around offshoring has certainly died down over the last year.  For a period of time, you could not pick up a magazine or read a newspaper without a lead article on the dangers of offshoring.  I had dinner tonight with a portfolio company CEO who has managed to shift most of his resources […]

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Favorite Quotes

Today is Wayne Gretzky’s birthday, the greatest hockey player of all time.  Anyway, as I was looking at Today’s Highlights from, I was reminded of a couple of my favorite quotes from him: "You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.""A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player […]

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Google Talk Federation – open vs. closed

As you are probably well aware, Google just announced open federation with other IM services via XMPP (jabber).  It’s about time that someone did this.  Sure, the Trillians of the world are great to have as aggregators of networks but what I really want is ONE identity that is cross network, cross platform, and cross […]

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The Arms Race for Talent

Sure, the next-generation web is cheap.  It is about cheaper bandwidth, cheaper hardware, free software, and better tools.  In other words, you get much more done with much less than in years past.  I have written about this in a prior post, Web as Platform.  Anyway, has anyone noticed the arms race for talent out […]

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Where’s your plan to manage your most important asset, your team?

I remember when I first got into this business over 10 years ago and one of my partners told me that the secret to success is about the people, not about the technology.  All too often we are enamored with how cool or sexy a technology is, invest lots of dollars to create that killer […]

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