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Web as platform-don’t forget the enterprise

As I have written before, most of the talk about this next generation web has focused around consumer applications.  I, however, have always believed that we should not forget the enterprise.  This resurgence of web-based and loosely coupled applications has been driven by consumer-based innovation but there are many pockets of opportunities for the enterprise […]

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Thoughts from a recent CIO dinner

One of our advisors for our fund hosted a New York CIO dinner last night.  It was a gathering of 30-40 of some of New York’s leading technology buyers, mostly from the financial services industry.  As a VC, it was quite interesting to hear about the state of technology spending and what is top of […]

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Wireless – bring down the walled gardens!

Wireless – bring down the walled gardens!

At the CIO dinner I was at last night (more on that later), I had the opportunity to play with a demo model of the Motorola Q Phone running on a Verizon EVDO network.  After a few minutes with this device, there is no doubt in my mind that Motorola will have another hit on […]

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Frictionless sales (continued)

I would even apply this frictionless sales model to the consumer web.  We all know that the Internet is turning every media company upside down about worries of cannabalizing their existing business.  It is clear that CBS gets it as they just announced that March Madness will be delivered free over the Internet.  CBS will […]

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Frictionless Sales (continued)

As you know, I am enamored by frictionless sales.  Frictionless sales means reducing the pain for customers to adopt and use a service/product and consequently reducing the cost of sales and marketing to get a customer and generate revenue.  As I mention in an earlier post, "The less friction you have in your sales and […]

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