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Web as platform

Web as platform

There has been lots of discussion about Tim O’Reilly’s Web2MemeMap. This is a nice graphical representation of what is happening in this next wave of the Internet.  As an add-on to this, I thought I would compare and contrast some differences, all quite obvious, with the first euphoric Internet wave.  I have shared many of […]

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Venture Capital and Hedge Funds

Well, there is clearly lots of money sloshing around in alternative assets like hedge funds, private equity, and venture capital.  That being said, I still believe there are plenty of great investment opportunities.  In an earlier post titled, "Go Early, Go Late, or Go Home," I shared some of my thoughts on what company stages […]

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Let the VOIP Infrastructure Wars Begin

Much focus has been put on the VOIP service market where you have the likes of Vonage and SunRocket (just announced another big funding round today) who want to replace your landline and the non-traditional players like Skype and now Google, AOL, and Microsoft.  However, what is more interesting to watch for me is the […]

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Skype, Siebel and frictionless sales

What is clear to me is that companies that get it use the Internet in a big way as a sales and marketing channel and even a delivery mechanism for their products.  Companies that don’t miss a huge opportunity.  Siebel does not get it, does.  Skype gets it while Vonage does not.  What I […]

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Missing an engineering release date can be a symptom of a larger problem

I was in a board meeting last week reviewing a product release schedule for the next year.  I was extremely concerned that we missed the last release, and as we dug in deeper what we saw were a few features scattered throughout the schedule tied to deals that were just closed.  Now this would not […]

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