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I recently caught up with my friend Derek Sulger, founder of Linktone (Nasdaq: LTON) and current founder and CFO of Smartpay, a Paypal-like play in China (I really like what Derek is doing with this one-no credit in China, use the mobile phones for debiting from bank accounts).  Derek and I are college friends and we certainly have come a long way from college when he finds my email on Google under a heading "Geeking out with Ed Sim" (thanks to Jeff Clavier for this one!) because his mobile device with all of his data on it is cracked on his flight from China.  That being said, we had a great chat on VC in China and opportunities he sees there.

First, from his perspective, he would rather pick one or two ventures at a time then spread out investments VC style.  If you think about it, there have only been around 7 or 8 internet-type companies that have gone public in China since the last bubble in the US (Linktone is one of those) when the Sina.coms were out in the market.  Given that, he would rather pick a couple sure bets and really work with them cradle to grave.  It is also tough to have any real governance and control of an investment by just sitting on a board in China, especially if you are monitoring a deal from thousands of miles away.  Secondly, he said it is tough to find good, experienced talent.  That is one of his gaiting factors in ramping up his ventures.  Finally, from an investment perspective, he would rather go consumer than enterprise.  His first business was a systems integration play which spawned Linktone and Smartpay.  He said it was difficult because the private companies you are selling to are really quasi-government agencies.  It is tough to get paid and very tough to protect your intellectual property.  At least on the consumer side, if you price your product or service appropriately, you can build a real PAYING user base and protect yourself from competitive threats with your base of subscribers.  Look at the history of China going from Boeing to the automakers like GM which did joint ventures with companies in China only to have their IP recreated and used against them.  I am sure GM could have protected themselves by charging less for their Buicks!

So there you have it from an experienced entrepreneur in China.  His thoughts make a ton of sense.

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  1. Derek Sulger’s years experience is a good case to learn China’s hitech market. Just in these 5 years, more and more teams in China learn how to start their business like Derek. Derek is right, the consumer market(based on it’s huge comsusing population) still has many niches to be explored and invested. Anyway, other segments, are all showing it’s strong growing potential in these 2 years. You may heard of Focus Media case from anywhere, which will go public soon in US.

    At the same time, China’s VC industry is growing. From oversea’s VC offloading to China, to some local born VCs, people started to know how to screen and evaluate and exit in this market. Many overseas VC firms started to seek local partners to prevent from missing the opporutnies in this hot land.

  2. How can any paying subscriber base shield an entrepreneur from intellectual property violations and policy upheavals.
    You are assuming it is easier to copy technology if you have access insider information (like specs, blueprints, etc.), than by reverse engineering them.
    Is it always?

  3. Thanks for passing this on Ed. For anyone that’s looked to do busines in China, it’s clear that there are a lot of issues that need to be considered, whether they be investors or companies looking to build out their efforts in that market.

    In our efforts with BlackInc China we’re defintely seeing our partners and potential partners being very interested in finding someone who can help them make sense of all of the complications that present themselves in this market.

    There was a great interview with the head of EA in China recently where he said “For us, launching and being successful in China will almost certainly require partnerships. China is such a fundamentally different world from what we know in North America–not just because it’s online games versus retail games, but also from a cultural perspective. Everything about China is different from what we see in the United States or even in Europe….It’s a long laundry list of challenges that we face in China.”

  4. As an outsider it is quite difficult to protect IP and business processes in China. I’ve held back from doing business in China due to the fact that it can be a fool’s errand to enter into competition with state sponsored entities…who don’t have to show a profit.

    Yes, I know that adversity creates opportunity and that there is usually a several year lag before the state gets interested in a market, bt it certainly reduces the potential reward in ways that you don’t find in other countries.

    Martin Tibbitts

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