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Open source and software licensing

It seems that SCO is making another attempt to hurt the open source movement by claiming that the GPL is unconstitutional and violates federal patent and copyright laws.  While many are not concerned and call this a publicity stunt by SCO, the discussion of open source software licenses does remind me of a panel that […]

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The train is leaving the station

Early stage companies have to be nimble and disciplined when creating and releasing product.  One of the important decisions a startup can make is how it chooses to manage its product releases.  In a software company a product release affects everyone.  A mistimed release can severely impact sales, cash flow, and the company.  We had […]

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Bad customers can kill your business

It has been awhile since my last post as I have been busy with a number of board meetings.  It is so hard to find time.  Anyway, one thought I wanted to share with you is a discussion we had in one of the meetings about the balance between closing large deals and adding new […]

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Delivering software as a service

Adam Bosworth has an interesting post on the evolution of software and why software delivered as a service will be the business model of the future. As you know, I have always been interested in this trend since my first post in October 2003 and since I invested in a number of companies in 1998 […]

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